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Privacy Policies

Wondering what we do with our email addresses, web logs, cookies and confidential information, or how your account is protected?
Our privacy and security policies are published here because when it comes to privacy, there should be no question.

Email Addresses

Power Data Development collects names and email addresses submitted volutarily by our clients, prospective clients, and the registered users of our software products (collectively referred to as "visitors"). In some cases, other personal information may also be gathered from our visitors, such as mailing addresses and telephone numbers. This data is referred to as "personal contact information".

Whether the information is from a customer or visitor to the site, personal contact information information is never released or sold to any third party, and is not made available to other visitors of this site or other customers of Power Data without the prior consent of the visitor.

From time to time, Power Data or one of our divisions may transmit email, including product and service information, promotions and announcements to the addresses of our visitors, that we feel may be of intrest to those recipients. In all cases, the email will include instructions for the recipient to indicate that they no longer wish to receive such mailings, and Power Data will honor those requests and will never email unrequested promotional information to such addresses again. These addresses so designated will be retained however, not "removed" from our database. This is done to preserve the "un-mailable" status of the addresses and to prevent us from ever inadvertently mailing them in the future, should they re-enter our database by some other means at a later date.

Also from time to time, we may ask our visitors for permission to make their email address available to third parties for one-time use, to inform them of the products and services of such third parties which we feel would be of genuine interest to them, based on our records of products and services that that visitor has expressed interest in, in the past.

In all such cases, the web-based form, email or other method of requesting such permission will default to "No", not allowing permission unless the visitor specifically checks the box, in effect saying "Yes, I grant permission for Power Data to make my address available to third parties". This is an "opt-in" system, not an "opt-out" system, and is in place to protect the privacy and peace of our visitors.

Visitor IP Addresses and Hostnames

Web logs are generated daily by each of our web servers. The logs record the time, date, IP address and host name of each page requsted from our servers. Since this data can be used to determine who has visited our website and when, we consider this information "sensitive". For this reason, our web logs are not made available publicly, and are not released to third parties, unless we are compelled to do so by law.

We periodically process these logs to compile usage and traffic statisitics, so that we can notice trends such as what time our sites are most heavily accessed, what pages are most popular, where our hits are coming from, what browsers our visitors are using to reach us, and follow up "not found" errors and other problems the logs record. After these aggregate statistics are compiled, the logs themselves are deleted, along with the specific IP addresses and exact hostnames, which are of no use to us.


Cookies are small "tokens" of data which our webservers may send to a visitor's browser, to hold "state" information about you or your visit to our site. Cookies sent to your computer by one domain cannot be retrieved by another domain. The only security issues involving cookies exist at your computer's location.

There are two types of cookies (either of which may be used by this site):

  • Session Cookies
    These usually hold information about your current visit to the site, such as your frames preference, or the current contents of a shopping cart. Session cookies are typically held in your browser's memory, expire when you shut down your browser, and are never saved to your computer's file system.

    Session cookies may represent some small security risk to you, only if you're using a computer which is also accessible by others. Exiting the browser software completely when you are finished using it will protect you against others later visiting a site "as you" on your computer, after you have visited the site.

  • Persistent Cookies
    These usually hold information about your identity, and your browser may store them for any period of time, as files on your hard disk. When you return to a site, they typically allow the site to "remember you". Again, the greatest security concern is that another person may visit a site you have previously visited, using your computer, and be mistaken as you.

    On this site, persistent cookies may be used but will not allow others to access your password protected pages, unless they also know your password.

Cookies offer the visitor a lot of convenience, and, if the site is designed properly, no security risk. For instance, this site may use a persistent cookie so that you don't have to remember your username, but you'll still have to remember your password.

Most browsers allow you to allow, monitor or disallow all cookies, and delete persistent cookies periodically. This site does not require you to enable cookies or save them, but some features may be more convenient to use with cookies enabled.

Confidential Information

In the course of our operations, Power Data may generate, receive and/or store information about our clients and prospective clients regarding their financial transactions with us, their customers or vendors, their contracts, accounts, policies and procedures, or the "personal contact information" of their customers or business partners. This data is referred to as "confidential information".

Confidential information is never released by power Data to any third party, except as specifically directed by the owner of that information. Additionally Power Data takes reasonable precautions to protect such confidential information in our possession from unauthorized access, will transmit all confidential information in our posession to the authorized owner of the information upon request of that owner, and will erase and destroy all copies, electronic and physical, of such data promptly upon the request of the owner of the confidential information.


Customers, prospective customers and registered users of our products (referred to as "users") may be issued passwords to access portions of this site. Users are responsible for any access to the site which was gained using their username and password, and must agree to neither share their password with anyone, even other users or staff, nor disclose or publish their password by any means.

Since in some cases, confidential information (such as a customer billing account) is protected only by this password, we consider it confidential information and will terminate access to any user account which we belive may have bee compromised or abused.

All passwords are stored on our webservers only in encrypted form. Power Data staff will never need to ask you for your password. We use our own open source software modules for the security of this site. Anyone can look and see how it all works, which is how you know that the security is real.

If you have any questions or need further information about Power Data's
Privacy and Security policies please email policy@power-data.com.

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